Xinhai abrasion resistance rubber

Xinhai abrasion resistance rubber

Product advantages







Xinhai abrasion resistance rubber — Product feature

1. Our product uses advantage nanometer reinforce technology, therefore, it is more firm.

2. Our experts of mining and nanometer material adaption enhance the advantage of our product.

3. Natural rubber latex is directly mixed with nanometer auxiliary agents in ordinary temperature and become masterbatch, which eliminate the shearing and heating the rubber during the mastication and banburying in traditional rubber factory and so avoid the damage of polymer chains from heating and cutting in traditional way.

4. The rubber----which is manufactured with the wet production technology in the state of liquid phrase----is not subject to damages caused by shearing and aging caused by high temperature, so the rubber polymeric long-chain is hardly devastated and the rubber original and premium properties are well preserved.

5. The liquid state is easier to be mixed uniformly, thus the auxiliary agent is less. The content of natural rubber in Xinhai rubber product can reach 95%.

6. The interior and exterior of thicker rubber can be vulcanized synchronously in a shorter time by normal temperature and high-frequency vulcanization technology that Xinhai adopted. Curing is more uniformly, effect is better and there is no over cure and under cure problems.

7. Users can choose different colors to increase their brand value.

8. The tensile strength, tearing strength and resilience have good performance.

9. We utilize the unique wet formula, appropriate preparation technology of mixed dispersion and nanocomposite dispersion technology to get wet nano rubber. All kinds of vulcanizing agents uniformly disperse in the rubber elastomer as nanoparticles, rubber molecular chain remains intact, which can be directly cured under normal temperature, high frequency or low temperature. Therefore, our rubber exhibits outstanding resilience, strength and abrasion resistance.

Xinhai abrasion resistance rubber — Product application

The application 1 of Xinhai rubber:

Rubber types Xinhai 35 Xinhai 50 Xinhai D60 XinhaiD62 Xinhai HD70 Xinhai
Xinhai BB55 Xinhai 
Color Red, yellow Red, yellow   Red, yellow Black Black Black Black  Yellow, red Black, red
Parameter Detection standard Natural Natural Natural Natural/
Halogenated butyl Butyronitrile Natural
rigidity 邵氏A GB/T6031-1998 36 48 59 59 68 76 56 55 45
Tensile strength Mpa GB/T 528-1998 23.6 29.3 28.5 22.57 22.64 19.79 16 11.8 18.5
Breaking elongation % GB/T 6031-1998 810 774 688 612 559 348 512 660 584
Permanent deormation  o splitting racture % GB/T 528-1998 6 20 37 10 14 16 14 20 18
Tearing strength N/mm GB/T 529-1998 71.74 142.9 150 130 135 134 72.7 19.2 81.9
Resilience % GB/T 1681-1991 73 64 57 48 40 36 16 40 54
Speciic gravity g/cm3 GB/T533-1991 0.9604 1.0667 1.119 1.1154 1.152 1.177 1.097 1.08 1.026
Abrasion insistence index % GB/T 9867-1988 118 40.5 23 45 32 27 16 20 36
eature   Wet 100- 200 ine particle abrasion resistance, good resilience, good pliability, low noise Wet 1-3 mm bigger particle, abrasion resistance, good resilience, resistance to cut and tear Wet 2-8 mm rough particle abrasion resistance, good resilience, resistance to cut and tear High rigidity, shock resistance, tear resistance, suitable or heavy duty condition High rigidity, shock resistance, tear resistance, suitable or heavy duty condition High rigidity, shock resistance, tear resistance, suitable or heavy duty condition High acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, good air seal separation, abrasion resistance Oil resistance, heat resistance, ageing resistance Low cost, little physical requirement condition
Application   Pump, value, swirler, trough, pipe liner, etc. Slurry pump impeller, sheath, bigger particle condition Large size 8 inches o slurry pump sheath, large particle size Ball mill liner, stir wheel unnel liner, screen O type ring, diaphragm, seal ring, etc High corrosion resistance  condition Oil resistance seal ring, gasket Tank bottom slab rubber, slurry pump block water ring

Remark: the abrasion resistance index is measured under the wet condition referring to a famous international rubber.

The application 2 of Xinhai rubber

High-efficiency rubber surface activating and binding agents

Thanks to "liquid nano formula" and "normal temperature high frequency fix" technology, Xinhai developed two kinds of high efficiency rubber surface activating agents.

Xinhai high efficiency rubber surface activating agents is much better than normal ones because it can not be stripped. That is because a chemical reaction occurs between Xinhai high efficiency rubber surface activating agents and binding agent, bottom oil, curing agent and rubber surface. Therefore, the strength of bonding layer is bigger than the rubber so it can not be stripped.

During cold bonding with Xinhai high-efficiency rubber surface active agent, mix the two surface active agents and dip clean cloth in the mix true to scrub the surface of the rubber. After a time it is impossible to tear the rubber out by our band and if use external force, even rubber is damaged, the adhesive coat will be intact. The adhesive layer is so firm that it will not open glue and it is durable service.

Comparison table of peel strength test data of binder treated by Xinhai rubber surface active agent

Produce company
Average peel strength
Max peel strength
Min peel strength
Damage condition
Xinhai binder 4.00 5.89 2.00 Rubber and binder detach
Xinhai high efficiency surface after activator 5.20 6.91 2.50 Rubber is damaged by avulsion but binder is good

Xinhai abrasion resistance rubber — Product principle

Pure natural rubber is an outstanding abrasion resistant material, particularly for handing slurries. The inherent properties of strength, resilience and cut resistance have a direct affect on wear performance. There are attributed to a major proportion of naturally occurring long chain molecules, characterized by their high molecular weights. Rubber is different from the hard materials such as mould stone, compounding ceramics, alloy, iron and steel for its own anti-abrasion. The resilience of rubber can absorb and repulse the impact and abrading forces, which result in the rubber is not easy to abrade and has softkill characteristics.

Abrasive particle striking non-elastic metal surface, converse of kinetic energy into impact, friction and noise

When abrasive particle striking resilient rubber surface, rubber deforms under load and returns most of kinetic energy to particle without rate of wear experienced above

Xinhai abrasion resistance rubber — Technology parameter

Rubber types Xinhai XH35 rubber International brand rubber
color Red, yellow Red
Performance parameter Testing standard Natural Natural
Hardness shore A GB/T 6031-1998 36 36
Tensile strength Mpa GB/T 528-1998 23.6 22.3
Elongation at break % GB/T 6031-1998 810 728
Tension set% GB/T 528-1998 4 6
Tearing strength N/mm GB/T 529-1998 71.4 70.44
Resilience % GB/T 1681-1991 73 73
Specific gravity g/cm3 GB/T-533-1991 0.96 0.97
Abrasion resistance index% GB/T 9867-1988 118 100

Remark: the data is got referring to the hardness of 38 of the international brand rubber under wet-type condition.

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